Where is Linda Maine from Exeter, UK?

Back to 1988 just before the velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia, I was on a summer camp in Prague. We were cleaning a senior citizens’ house in an international company. These sunny days now remind me of the hot month in Prague, more than twenty years ago. After the camp we had a week in Tatra mountains. We made friends and penpals for a good time with Linda. 

I had Yoko Ono’s ”Grapefruit” for travel reading. In some curious and absurd communist era situations Yoko inspired us to write our own pieces. I looked for my clip book from 1988 and want to share some of our pieces’. First two popped from our heads when we arrived in Poprad. It was pouring and while we were desperately looking for the right buss to Ždiár, our final goal, we were soaked wet. We tried to find a couple of umbrellas, but couldn’t find any. 

Music: Desireless’s ”Voyage Voyage” or Billy Brag’s ”Between the wars”
More reading: Yoko Ono: Grapefruit  

Czech Rain piece I
Stand in the rain
till you are completely wet
buy dozens of children’s umbrellas
and give them to everyone

Chech Rain piece II
Stand in the rain
till you are completely wet.
Buy a box of sunglasses.

I seem to have been quite a dreamer back then in 1988...

 If anybody who might read this post knows about Linda’s whereabouts I would love to contact with her!


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